ACLAccess Control ListZugriff Kontrollliste
ACRAllowed Cell Rate 
ARPAddress Resolution Protocol 
ASCIIAmerican Standart Code for Information Interchange
ASPAplication Service Providing
CACertification Authority
CADComputer Aided Design
CAEComputer Aided Engineering
CAMComputer Aided Manufacturing
CAPComputer Aided Production
CBTCore Based Trees
CCCBCommand, Control Communications in Buildings
CIMComputer Integrated Manufacturing
CLPCell Loss Priority 
CSPCryptographic Service Provider
CSSContent Scrambling System
CoSClass of Services 
CRCCyclic Renundancy Check 
D-MTUDefault Maximum Transmission Unit 
DeNICDeutsches Network Information Center
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DISData Encryption Standard 
DNSDomain Name Server
DPIDots Per InchPunkte pro Inch
DSAData Signature Algorithm 
DSSData Signature Standard 
DTCPDigital Transmission Content Protection
EDVElektronische Datenverarbeitung
EIBEuropean Installation Bus
EPDEarly Packet Discard 
EPICExplicit Parallel Instruction Computing
FECForward Equivalent Classes 
GPLGnu Public License 
HDCPHigh Bandwith Digital Copy Protection
HDLCHigh-Level Data Link Control 
HECHeader Error Control 
HEMHome Entertainment & Multimedia
FAQFrequently Asked QuestionsMeistgestellte Fragen
IETFInternet Engineering Task Force
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
ICTInformation and Communication Technologies
IGMPInternet Group Managment Protocol
IPv4Internet Protocol Version 4
IPv6Internet Protocol Version 6
IPoSIP over SDH/Sonet
IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol
ITKInfotechnik und Telekommunikation
KIKünstliche Intelligenz
LANLocal Arrea NetworkLokales Netzwerk
LPI  Lines per Inch
MADCAPMulticast Adress Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol
MAP-CAMedia Accelerated Processor for Consumer Applications
MFTPMulticast File Transfer Protocol
MSDPMulticast Source Discovery Protocol
MUAMail User Agent
MUDMulti User DungeonMehrpersonen Rollenspiel
NDSNetwork Directory Services
NFSNetwork File System
NISNetwork Information System
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OSPFOpen Shortest Path First 
OSOperating System
OSIOpen Systems Interconnection
OSSOpen Sound System
PCRPeak Cell Rate 
PDAPersonal Data Assistant
PDH Plesiochrone Digitale Hierarchie
PGPPretty Good Privacy
PIMProtocol Independent Multicast
PIMPersonal Information ManagerPersönlicher Informationsmanager
PKIPublic Key Infrastruktur
PKCSPublic Key Cryptography Standard 
POPPost Office Protocol
PoPPoint of Presence
PPDPartial Packet Discard 
RSARivest, Shamir, Adleman (Public-Key-Algorithmus)
PSEPersonal Security Environment
QoSQuality of Service
RARegistration Authority
REDRandom Early Detection 
RFCRequest for Comment
RIPRouting Information Protocol 
RSVPResource Reservation Protocol 
RTPRealtime Transport Protocol
RIPRouting Information Protocol
SETSecure Electronic Transaction
SDH Synchrone Digitale Hierarchie
S/MIMESecure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
SonetSynchronous Optical Network 
SSLSecure Socket Layer
STMSynchronous Transport Module 
STSSynchronous Transport Signal 
SVCSwitched Virtual Circuit 
TCPTransmission Control Protocol
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol over Internet Protocol
UDPUser Datagram Protocol
UHPUltra High Performance
URBUnspecified Bit Rate 
VBRVariable Bit Rate 
VCVirtueller Container 
VCCVirtual Circuit Connection 
VCIVirtual Channel Identifier 
VPIVirtual Path Identifier 
VPNVirtual Private Network
WLANWireles LAN Funknetzwerk
WREDWeighted Random Early Detection  
Y2KYear 2000